Sound is a creature of the mind.
Diego entered the world of music as an autodidact. Never too inclined to follow a traditional approach, he reluctantly made it through the first year of Conservatory in the small town in Italy where he was born. Apparently, cutting a violin in half with a hacksaw was not considered proper technique.
Undisturbed, Diego moved on and focused on learning music from experience. He started playing in bands, compose music for local ballet schools and teach private lessons. Essentially anything he could do to stay away from a career at his father’s butcher shop.
When he'd become old enough to drive, he got involved with the radio world and recording studios around Italy, making radio jingles, ads and records. He also started collaborating with local synth manufacturers, taking his first steps into the world of sound design.
Years later, feeling ready to sail for bigger shores, he left Italy and arrived in Los Angeles. There, a fruitful collaboration with Spectrasonics offered Diego the opportunity to create sounds for some of the best virtual instruments ever made: Omnisphere 2, Atmosphere, Stylus RMX and Trillian. At the same time, he was being introduced by Epic Score into the world of trailer music, with the production of three successful albums and many placements in film and TV campaigns. Recently, Diego created Twisted Trees, a Sonic Extension for Omnisphere. For this epic project he explored new acoustic territories by using trees and elements of nature as instruments.
Being in a new environment inspired Diego to freely experiment with everything around him. Shortly after arriving, he played music from a tree, built the Experibass and filmed a music performance with the equipment of a dry cleaning shop.
However strange these new ideas were, thanks to the videos he was creating, word of Diego’s work had started spreading online, on TV shows, magazines and books. This opened up opportunities as a composer and featured soloist in movies, video games, ads, audio branding and surround projects. Some of the brands Diego collaborated with include Adidas, Apple, Bottega Veneta, Burt’s Bees, DTS, Eurosport, GROHE and Kashi.
Diego is also running his own music label now, Sonic Artifact, distributed worldwide by BMG Production Music, he keeps building new musical instruments and producing new projects.