Some of my most inspired creative work came into existence thanks to my collaboration with Spectrasonics. Meeting Eric and Lorey Persing marked a new chapter of my life and my contribution to the world of sounds. Their encouragement and guidance reverberates in many ways through what I do.
Creating musical sounds is a craft that exists parallel to creating music, similar to constructing physical instruments. The best sounds can inspire and help an artist to shape their artistic vision into a finished piece. Creating sounds is for me one of the most inspiring experiences, because in the process I always push my curiosity a step forward. I love inventing new devices to make sounds, customizing and deconstructing existing instruments and experiment with unusual recording techniques.
So far I’ve had the pleasure to contribute to the core libraries of Stylus RMX, Trillian, the Bob Moog Tribute Library and the flagship Power Synth Omnisphere. More sonic adventures are in the works!
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