"Since when we first started playing in the studio, we imagined our music to be a multi-channel experience. The nature of our pieces doesn't follow any static rule about the positioning of sounds in the audio field."
It felt like a natural choice for Patrick Leonard and Diego Stocco to team with DTS, Inc., to be the first musical project being mixed with their new Neo:X 11.1 surround sound system.
The music played in this video is part of longer tracks that Patrick and Diego improvised. The video, mixed in 11.1 was featured by DTS during their CES 2011 presentation.
At the DTS, Inc. headquarter with marketing communications director David Blasucci and surround mixing engineer Fred Maher.

Patrick and Diego would like to thank Apogee for providing them the new Symphony I/O.
Diego's setup required a large number of routing options since every element was recorded into
a separate track. The Symphony I/O worked perfectly, as well as sounding exceptional.
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