Multi Key is the next step in the evolution of my Sonic Artifact label.
Each Multi Key cue, stem and musical elements is created in 5 keys (E, D, C, B, A), giving editors the choice to pick the key that works best for their projects. Cues from Multi Key albums can be combined together and be musically compatible with cues produced by other artists.
Available for licensing at BMG Production Music.
Below you can see some of the instruments I built and played during the production of the new albums.
01. Primal Bass
The Primal Bass is a single stringed bass instrument I built by attaching a frame drum to a large branch.
The double bass string resonates through the frame drum creating a naturally sustained sound with rich overtones.
02. Expericello
This is a customized cello combined with an additional violin fingerboard, bridge and strings. It allows me to create more complex and unpredictable bowed accents by passing the bow on both sets of strings.
With this instrument I wanted to create small accents and sounds that resembled animal sounds. A short, sudden movement of an animal trying to hide behind a branch. A large bird taking off while letting a shriek out. I used small pieces of wood inserted between the strings to alter the pitch and stop the natural sustain.

I previously built another Expericello for my 
Made of Sound and Custom Built Orchestra videos. I'm using the Experi- prefix to indicate instruments that are based on customized classical instruments. I also built an Experipiano, which I used to create various elements in the Multi Key albums.
03. Animal Violins
Also for the violins, the idea was to imagine these instruments as animals. Holding them in non-classical/proper positions and using various objects to pluck them is intentional. I was interested in creating wild and spontaneous sounds, that can somehow fit into a tonal context.
04. Wooden Hand
This is a piece of tumbleweed I picked up during a hike. It caught my attention because it's shaped like a hand with overgrown fingers. The sound that comes out of it is raw and uncontrolled. I imagined it as a low growl that an animal would make if threatened.
05. Wood Stack
This is a wood stack arranged so that the different branches can slightly move and bounce against each other, producing a round and dynamic percussive tone.
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