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I had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with the French Producers LaPlage, to create together the new Sound Identity for the TV channel Eurosport.
Below you can see some of the techniques and objects I used for the creation of a hyper realistic heart beat.
01. Real Heartbeat
To record my heartbeat I used a small ultrasound device.
02. Air Pump
To record a detailed air flow sound I used a foot air pump. I imagined I would hear something like this if I could put my ear right next to a beating heart.
03. Manual Machine
This is a percussive instrument I built a while ago, it was meant to create the sound of an electronic drum machine, but in a acoustic form (why not just using a drum machine you might wonder?).
Here's a video of the Manual Machine played my my friend Wally.
04. Water Deep Beat
To create a deep sound to extend the low end of the real heart beat, I half filled up a big plastic bottle and hit it with a soft mallet.
05. Heart Balloon
This didn't make the cut in the BTS video, but it was a fun element to record. I held a balloon from the bottom so that it could resonate freely, and pushed it against the microphone to capture a close perspective. Played with a big soft mallet.
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