Bell Flowers is a temporary sonic installation creating an ever changing soundscape.
Fifteen customized music boxes and tuned bells, once set in motion, create an harmonic flow of notes that overlap each other, allowing inner melodies to appear and disappear. This allows the mind of the listener to find a connection between one note to another or to enjoy being immersed in the soundscape without the need to determine where it’s going.
I created this to honor the memory of my mom who recently passed away. 
She had an artistic spirit and loved nature, qualities that she shared with me, along with unconditional love and encouragement. This is my way of sending a last Goodbye and Thanks to her into the universe.
Every “Bell Flowers” iteration is different from the previous one and is meant to represent how life happens, where some things are in our control (the act of choosing the notes played by the music boxes and bells) but others are not (how events connect to each other once they are set in motion). The duration of each iteration is also limited, because it’s based on the windup time of the music boxes, similar to the limited time we have available on this journey that we call life.
The inner melody that I emphasized in the video represents the meaning that we, as people, try to recognize out of the events we see happening in our lives. It’s a deeply rooted need that we all try to understand one way or another.
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